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I like to call this kit "The Red Tent"; comfort and support during your cycle, from one woman to another.

This kit is made up of three formulas designed to balance hormones, mood, and your cycle. Included are: a Herbal and vitamin supplement taken from ovulation or midcycle through day one of your period to balance your cycle, and uplift mood and energy. A second herbal blend is included for acute menstrual cramping, taken with symptoms as needed (known in my practice as the "herbal Advil of menstruation"). A liquid herbal tincture is the third component of this kit, designed for emotional rescue, taken as needed to balance mood.

This kit covers 3-4 cycles.

PMS kit

SKU: 366615376135191
  • All Supplements and Herbal products are made of the highest standards in quality. I only use products that are made in the USA, have third party testing, and are wildcrafted and organic whenever possible.

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