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  • Arcadia Farber, MTOM, L.Ac

What is Kinesio Taping or Acu Taping?

Kinesio-Taping, or Acu Taping, is a gentle method of treatment, that can help in the treatment of acute and chronic pain. Expandable, waterproof and flexible tape-bandage is adhered along painful or injured muscles and nerve pathways. The tape supports the injured tissues, reduces swelling and improves circulation. Often, this allows you to continue to use the injured area with less pain and more mobility, while healing the tissues simultaneously. The idea for this method of treatment originates from Kinesiology and physical therapy, but also applies to the rules of medical sciences in Traditional Oriental Medicine (acupuncture). Acupuncturists are evolving Kinesio Taping to include its use along the Acupuncture meridians.

I began incorporating Taping into my practice in 2016, and use it following Acupuncture treatment. Patients wear the tape out of the office, and often stop by between sessions to have me re- tape the injury. The response my patients have to this method of treatment has been really positive- and it looks pretty cool too!

Arcadia Farber- Mill Valley- Acupuncture

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